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Dr Rouzbeh Jahangiri is a General Surgeon with a special interest in colon surgery. He is also Conjoint Committee accredited to perform colonoscopy and endoscopy. He obtained his MD in 2004 before undergoing further training in General Surgery in Queensland and has been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of surgeons. 


Dr Jahangiri’s surgical techniques are recent, based on current best practice standards taught by the experts in their fields at training hospitals and offers his services to the Toowoomba community.


Patient outcomes are significantly positively impacted by latest surgical advances. Beyond his surgical skills Dr Jahangiri is a caring person who treats his patients with utmost respect and strives to develop strong rapport with patients and their families and to involve patients in their care as much as possible.


He offers laparoscopic surgical techniques for the management of colonic conditions such as bowel cancers and diverticulitis. He also has specialist interest in Robotic repair of abdominal wall hernias and offers treatment for appendicitis, hernias, gall bladder disease and skin cancers.

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